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Kat Carney

Journalist / TV Host



No stranger to television, she’s logged countless hours of airtime on CNN Headline News, HGTV, Discovery Health Channel, and PBS. The connection Kat has with her audience is special. Not only is she relevant and relatable, but sees the world through the eyes of the everyday consumer. Kat’s personal, 90-pound weight-loss journey complements her depth and breadth of knowledge in the wellness arena, giving her a voice that’s uniquely authentic and authoritative.

With a genuine ability to inspire, influence and inform her audiences, Kat Carney is a highly sought after television host. Her razor-sharp broadcasting skills were honed during her time as Consumer Health Anchor at CNN Headline News as well as during her in-depth celebrity profile series, BioFeedback with Kat Carney and throughout her medical documentary series The Body Invaders for the Discovery Health Channel. Network producers recognize Kat’s earnest ability to cut through medical hype and her gift of using warmth and humor to deeply connect with audiences.

Clone_image_teal_sand-17One might say that Kat Carney learned the hard way that weight loss isn’t rocket science, regardless of what the media and diet gurus say.  A self-described “poster child for yo-yo dieting,” Kat spent years on the weight loss merry-go-round before finally discovering that incremental lifestyle changes and community wisdom were the keys to successful weight loss.

Having maintained a 90-pound weight loss for more than 15 years, Kat’s become an evangelist for healthy living on her popular blog and social media brand, TheWeighWeWere.com which became a an Emmy Award nominated PBS special in 2012. Her success inspires millions to embark on their own journeys to health and happiness.

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Lifestyle Host / Health Journalist

kat carney contactSome of the most prestigious media companies have sought out Kat Carney for her ability to connect to consumer audiences and her talent for demystifying complex topics.

By leading the conversation on “life & style,” Kat is inspiring a generation of women and men to be happier, healthier versions of themselves.

News Anchor

When a consumer needs accessible and actionable medical information, Kat Carney delivers.

Wellness Expert

On QVC for more than a decade, Kat’s one-hour guest appearances enable her to share her own 90-pound weight loss journey. Offering expert advice, Kat’s heartfelt encouragement resonates with viewers.

TV Host

Host for 9 networks including Discovery Channel, HGTV, and the nationally syndicated Richard Simmons' DreamMaker.



Brand Ambassador

Even HotelsSome of the largest names in consumer brands have turned to Kat Carney for her credibility and fresh perspective that has helped so many people reach their health goals.

In 2014, Kat was invited to join the advisory board of EVEN Hotels, the new lifestyle and wellness brand of the global InterContinental Hotels Group.

Speaking Engagements

BLUE_CROSS_BLUE_SHIELD_1Kat Carney’s winning combination of professional credentials and upbeat personality add breadth and depth to a wide variety of conference programs, including those hosted by the American College of Pathologists, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and the National Black Caucus of Legislators.

Kat is in demand as a keynote speaker, panel discussion moderator, and breakout leader, where audiences are drawn to her interactive, dynamic style and motivational messages.


Social Media Influencer

Kat Carney White jacketWith over a million women engaging in Kat’s website TheWeighWeWere.com as well as her work with Soulcysters.com and TheBarreBelles.com, her social media reach and popularity has grown substantially in less than a year. Kat have also been highlighted in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, News & World Report as well as several other prestigious press outlets.

After a lifetime of obesity and a top weight of over 240 pounds, Kat lost a whopping 90 pounds with surprisingly simple lifestyle changes. Even more impressive, she’s beaten the odds and kept the weight off for over a decade. Audiences trust her when she talks the talk because they know that she’s walked the walk. Knowing that others’ success stories were key to accomplishing her goals, Kat launched TheWeighWeWere.com. Today, over 80,000 Facebook fans and 1 million weekly blog visitors log on for her uplifting “Daily InspirWeighTions,” useful weight loss tips, and hand- picked weight loss success stories. In 2012, TheWeighWeWere.com leapt from the Internet to television when it became a PBS special hosted by Kat.
With an online community of over 98,000 women and over four million message board posts, SoulCysters.com is the largest and most vibrant resource for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Kat launched the community in 1999 after her own diagnosis and successful control of this often debilitating disorder. PCOS affects nearly 10% of all women. SoulCysters.com provides critical information, up-to-the-minute research and, most importantly, a sense of community for women searching for answers on how to live with the day-to-day struggles of this condition – one with no identified cure. Celebrating over 15 years online, SoulCysters.com is recommended by healthcare providers around the world as a credible and free resource for PCOS patients. Kat and her Soul Cysters have inspired women around the world to believe there is hope after they hear the words, “You have PCOS.”
Soon to be launched! Kat has been a fan of Lotte Berk based fitness since ‘Callanetics’ Well&Good declares barre workouts to be hot in 2015.


Expert Guest

Kat Carney’s personal story, as well as her professional expertise as a trusted voice of today’s consumer, is regularly featured in books, magazines, and newspapers such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Woman’s World, Marie Claire, First for Women, Ebony, Family Doctor, and Glamour.


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